Basic Doughnut Holes

"Just your basic doughnut holes with ingredients most folks usually have on hand... No tedious rolling out and cutting dough into shapes... Simply mix and drop by tsp. into hot fat... Couldn't be easier!"
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Ready In:
1 dozen




  • Combine well the oil, egg substitute and milk.
  • In a separate bowl combine well the sugar, flour, baking powder, salt and nutmeg.
  • Then add the egg mixture to the dry mixture and combine well; Drop by spoonful into hot (375°F.) oil in deep pan on stovetop or in deep fryer.
  • Fry until golden brown (you may have to turn them over as they cook to get all parts browned).
  • Remove from oil, draining carefully but while still damp from frying, roll hot doughnut holes in the granulated sugar or confectioner's sugar OR you may simply leave them plain.
  • A terrific companion to your favorite coffee, tea or hot chocolate!

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  1. Easy, delicious, and very filling. I too used 1 large egg in place of the egg substitute. It makes a very thick batter, and scooping 1/2 tbsp size balls into the oil worked best for me, yielding about a dozen donut holes.
  2. This is such a great recipe and easy. My kids made it (all but putting them in the hot oil). We then filled them with vanilla pudding with a piping bag and dunked them in chocolate ganache and had them as a dessert. The kids had so many ideas for fillings and glazes that they are already speculating for the next time we make these. Thanks for posting.
  3. Using this recipe to make "doughnuts" for the first time, it was simple, easy and oh so yummy. My 8-yr. old watched the whole process and loved eating them!
  4. This recipe was really simple and delicious. The only problem is that my husband keeps asking for more.
  5. I had a sick child home from school today and needed something easy to give him for breakfast for when he felt like eating something. These fit the bill very well. They were easy to make and he enjoyed them at his own pace. Thanks for this easy, child friendly recipe!


  1. Easy & tasty. A fun morning project with the kids! The second time we made these, I substituted 1/2 cup of whole wheat flour for the AP flour. The combination produced the same consistency and the taste was just fine. I also used a regular egg & cinnamon in place of nutmeg. On the second batch, we made simple vanilla and chocolate glazes which the kids REALLY loved.
  2. These hit the spot and will save much $$$ in running to the bakery (as much). I used 1 egg (didn't have egg sub.) My oil was too hot and center didn't cook, but still good. I'll fix that for next time. Also used cinnamon instead of nutmeg.



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