Bacon, Mushroom and Pepper Jack Cheese Omelet

"This is my version of the BMP Omelet that is served at our local Shari's Restaurant. I tapered it down to just 2 eggs for an individual serving, since their 3-egg omelet is a little too filling for me. And sometimes I omit the bacon pieces, and it's just as good. I don't really measure the filling ingredients, but rather just toss in whatever amount I want at the time. But I had to list specific quantities to post this recipe, which are rough estimates. So feel free to adjust the quantities of each ingredient to suit your taste preferences. The system would not accept "Pepper Jack Cheese" as an ingredient (no matter what I did, it changed that ingredient to Monterey Jack cheese). But Pepper Jack really is the variety of Monterey cheese you will want to use in order to get that peppery zing that is the focal point of this omelet. So I had to write that ingredient as cheese, then specify it to be grated Pepper Jack."
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Ready In:
1 omelet




  • Lightly spray 8-inch skillet with no-stick spray. Heat skillet over medium heat.
  • In a bowl beat together eggs, milk, salt and pepper until frothy. Pour into heated skillet.
  • Cook, uncovered, without stirring for about 4 minutes and eggs start to set. As eggs start to set, run a spatula around the edge of the skillet and lift eggs slightly so the uncooked portion can flow underneath.
  • When eggs are almost set, sprinkle the crumbled bacon pieces, sliced mushrooms and Pepper Jack cheese down the center of the omelet; let cook another 1 to 2 minutes, or until eggs are set throughout and the cheese is just starting to melt.
  • Fold the omelet in thirds by folding one side of the omelet over the filling, and then folding the other side over the first side.
  • Transfer the omelet to a plate. Garnish the top of the omelet with sliced black olives and green onion slices.

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  1. What a deliciouly filling breakfast, I did omit the olives as I not a huge fan of them and also lightly sauted my mushrooms first and as we don't get pepper jack cheese I used a sharp cheddar and sprinkled in a little dried chilli flakes which added a bit kick to the omelet, thank you NorthwestGal, made for ZAAR Stars tag game.
  2. Made the recipe as given (though twice over for the 2 of us), & even I enjoyed the mushrooms since they weren't overly cooked! Very, very satisfying & worth making again! Thanks for sharing the recipe! [Made & reviewed as a THANK YOU for completing the Baker's Dozen Special in this fall's round of Pick A Chef]
  3. I loved the pepper jack cheese in this. This makes a lot of filling for 2 eggs, but the filling is what makes it good! I'm on a diet right now, so used turkey bacon and low fat cheese. I also only ate half, because this makes a big omelet. Thanks for the great breakfast!
  4. This is a yummy omelet! I made exactly as stated and it turned out wonderful. Filling and tasty. Thanks for sharing. Made for Potluck Tag.
  5. I was not able to fold it. So I forgot that part. I put everything on top and covered it so the cheese can melt. I used smoked mozzarella. And I topped only with green onion. This is so yummy. Thanks NorthwestGal :) Made for PRMR tag game


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