Bacon Jam and Potato Breakfast Pizza #SP5

Recipe by Alandrews
READY IN: 27mins


  • 1
    lb of your favorite pizza dough
  • 2
    cups Simply Potatoes® Shredded Hash Browns
  • 1
    (7 ounce) jar bacon jam (I used Skillet Bacon Spread)
  • 3
    cups shredded mozzarella cheese, separated in half


  • Place a pizza stone in the oven and preheat oven to 500°.
  • Take potatoes out of bag and place in a colander. Rinse and drain well. Place potatoes in a clean dish towel and wring dry.
  • Roll out pizza dough to a 10 - 12" round.
  • Spread rolled out dough with 2/3 of the bacon jam.
  • Top jam layer with one and a half cups of cheese.
  • Top cheese with hash browns.
  • Spread remaining cheese over hash browns.
  • Make 4 small depressions in each quadrant of the pizza.
  • Place 1 egg in each of the depressions.
  • Dollop remaining bacon jam around top of pizza.
  • Bake for 12 minutes, until egg white is cooked and yolk is runny.
  • Note: Everyone's oven bakes differently. My oven is temperamental and takes longer to bake the eggs. Keep an eye on your eggs while they bake and adjust cooking time accordingly.