Baby Greens With Maple Dijon Dressing

Baby Greens With Maple Dijon Dressing created by Rita1652

Baby Greens topped with Mushrooms, Pine Nuts, Bacon, cheese and apples topped with Maple Dijon dressing.

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  • Place ingredients in bowl starting with the first thought to the last.
  • Blend together all dressing ingredients. Add a teaspoon more of vinegar or mustard if you like a sharper taste. The dressing gets better overnight and keeps for 4 to 5 days. Top salad with Maple Dijon dressing.
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"Baby Greens topped with Mushrooms, Pine Nuts, Bacon, cheese and apples topped with Maple Dijon dressing."

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  1. Demandy
    This salad was delicious! Guests raved over it and I don't even really like salad but could eat this for a while meal I think. Dressing really has a light sweet tangy flavor with the dijon and the maple.
  2. kokeshi doll
    I made the dressing but not the salad as yet. The dressing is delicious and the sweet and tart flavors are just to my liking. I lowered the fat content considerably and made this vegan by omitting the olive oil and half and half, and substituting Silk coffee creamer for both. Silk has just 1 gram of fat per tablespoon, while oil has about 14 grams. Not sure of the fat content of half and half but Silk has much less. I will be using this on a salad of spinach leaves, mandarin oranges, apple slices, spiced pecans and red onion.
  3. Happy Harry 2
    Oops, almost forgot to rate this! Must be honest and tell you that I made the maple dressing but use it on a different green salad. Not a big thing cause it was and is this marvelous sweet and tangy dressing that is to die for! With the dressing I used apple cider vinegar which I highly suggest for health reasons as well as flavor. Well, Ms. Rita, again, a winner!
  4. Jan in Lanark
    A great salad dressing- am resubmitting as I made an error in original review. The half and half made it very creamy. Used it on a salad of baby spinach, mesclun, green onions and radishes from the garden with the addition of pine nuts, bacon bits and chunks of old cheddar. Thanks Rita for a dressing I will use frequently
  5. ellie_
    Very good salad which although we had as a side with hot dogs would also be great as a lunch salad with some muffins or bread. The only change I made was instead of button mushrooms (couldn't find any) I used 4 regular mushrooms and a bit more pine nuts. Thanks for sharing!

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