Awesome Chili, No Onions!

"So I have developed an intolerance for onions. Major bummer for a foodie! But this chili tastes so good I don't miss the onions."
Awesome Chili, No Onions! created by Chef Lise
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1hr 15mins



  • Roast red bell peppers and jalapenos: Turn on your broiler. Lower the rack so the peppers will be about 6 inches below your heat source. Spray the peppers with cooking spray or rub them with olive oil and place on broiler pan. Put them under the broiler and char the outside a bit, turning them every few minutes. When they look done to you, remove them from the oven and put them in a bowl with a lid for at least 5 minutes.
  • Before handling the jalapenos, you may want to put gloves on to protect your skin from their spicy oil. Cut the tops off your jalapenos. Slice them lengthwise and remove the seeds and membranes. Chop jalapenos. Remove the skin and seeds from the bell peppers. Chop the peppers and set them aside to add to your chili pot later.
  • Brown the ground beef. Remove the excess oil. Add the chopped jalapenos and all other ingredients. Stir and taste. Add salt, pepper, or other seasonings if you wish. Simmer on low with a lid on your pot until the flavors are blended well; 20-30 minutes.
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  1. Kimberly H.
    Great recipe. I had an extra ear of corn so I naturally added that but followed the recipe otherwise. A little extra salt was needed. Also had cilantro and scallions and lime slices for serving. I can’t do the scallions but my boys really like them. Good recipe all around.
  2. wendymon
    I have a sulfur intolerance so onions and garlic are both out for me, to my great heartbreak. So I had to leave out the garlic powder and chili powder too. I may have increased the paprika and cumin to taste, but otherwise I can't express how pleased I am to truly be able to enjoy chili without garlic and onions! This recipe is bomb, thank you SO much!
  3. Chef Lise
    Awesome Chili, No Onions! Created by Chef Lise
  4. SusiBMom
    My husband can't tolerate onions either, so this recipe is great! I made this for Super Bowl Sunday yesterday. I also added one can of rinsed, drained black beans. I also simmered it covered on very low for about an hour, then uncovered it and let it simmer another hour. For toppings, I put out, sour cream, shredded Mexican blend cheese, and chopped green onions. You could also put out chopped tomatoes, cilantro, and lime wedges. I made cornbread to go with it. Everybody loved the chili. Thanks for the great recipe!
  5. Chef Lise
    So I have developed an intolerance for onions. Major bummer for a foodie! But this chili tastes so good I don't miss the onions.

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