Asian Infused Soy Sauce

"I keep a jar of this in the fridge to have on hand and use it in almost all my Asian recipes. It will make a great dipping sauce for dumplings (wontons) when mixed with a little balsamic vinegar and some mirin. Sometimes I add chilli, but we don't always want chilli in our dinners so I'd rather add it later. A simple stirfry sauce can be made with this, add some fresh coriander and a sliced chilli and some oyster sauce. A jar kept in the fridge will keep for weeks- if you don't use it before then! Adjust flavours to taste. Tamari, dark and light soys can be used. Australian measurements (1 T = 4 tsp)"
photo by Vicki in CT photo by Vicki in CT
photo by Vicki in CT
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  • Add the garlic and ginger to the soy sauce in a sealable jar.
  • Put the lid on and shake.
  • Taste the mix to see if you would like more ginger and/or garlic (I like mine fairly strong tasting).
  • Adjust to taste.
  • Put the lid on and keep in the fridge. Shake before using. Flavours will infuse the sauce as time goes on.

Questions & Replies

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  1. cnoble
    Please advise if the 6 cloves of garlic whole, chopped-up or minced? Thanks,


  1. littlemafia
    This is something I'll always keep it in the fridge.The longer it stays the better the taste,the garlic gets stronger. I added some vinegar and turned it into a salad dressing.
  2. Debbwl
    A good base sauce. Made as written, although think adding the chili should be listed as a must add. Served over Recipe #224663. Australian/NZ swap #33
  3. Vicki in CT
    Great accompaniment to a variety of foods. I served with seared ahi tuna. I tooked the chef's advice and added some chopped Thai chiles.
  4. LilKiwiChicken
    I made this a couple of weeks ago and have been using it ever since. I must admit, I only had fresh ginger and was too lazy to grate it, so just chopped a knob of it into 4 bits, gave it a bit of a bash and threw it in the mix. Maybe at the start you might sacrifice a bit of ginger flavour, but certainly now the flavour is great. I also bashed the garlic cloves as opposed to mincing/chopping them. Thanks for the great recipe, made for Aus/Kiwi Recipe Swap June 2009.
  5. red_baron
    I used this on Fried Tofu #175340, and It made the meal!


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