Aloo Palak (Indian Potatoes & Spinach)

"I got this aloo palak recipe from, but have adjusted it slightly to my liking. It will serve two as a main course when served with naan bread or rice, or four as a side dish. If you like it a little milder deseed the chilies."
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  • In a pan cook the spinach with garlic, ginger, onions and the green chilies for about 5-10 minutes.
  • Remove from the pan and blend to a fine puree and keep aside.
  • In the meantime boil the potatoes with salt and turmeric until done, apprximately 10 minutes and set aside when done.
  • Heat ghee in a pan, fry cumin seeds along with spinach-onion paste and simmer for a few minutes.
  • Add the cooked potatoes, garam masala, coriander and cumin powder and a little water if needed.
  • Simmer for few minutes till the potatoes absorb the flavor.
  • Add fresh cream if desired.

Questions & Replies

  1. This appears to be a superb recipe but I question your format. Do you realize that the recipe is printed on 3 pages? This could easily be formatted so that it fits on 1 page by eliminating information such as your shopping list and by using a considerably smaller font. If I want to save this recipe in a notebook, it takes up too much space - and is a waste of paper.


  1. Fantastic recipe! I didn't have waxy potatoes on hand but it still worked well with regular potatoes. I also cooked the ingredients differently in order to brown the onions and fry the spices as is common in Indian cooking. My cooking method is as follows: First saute the garlic, ginger, onions and green chili together till the onion started to brown. Then add the spinach and cook till it wilts and puree. Cook the potatoes without any turmeric or salt till almost done (I just cut into cubes and microwaved for about 5 minutes.) In a deep fry pan fry the cumin seeds for about 20 seconds till they start to lightly brown and then add the turmeric and other powdered spices and fry for about 20 seconds to bring out the flavor. Add the spinach-onion paste, salt, and potatoes and cook for a few minutes for the flavors to absorb and the potatoes to fully cook.
  2. I didn't blend the spinach mixture, just left it whole. I used a bit of oil in place of the butter as well, and used regular potatoes. Loved the flavours. Thanks!
  3. Great recepie. I did not boil the potato but cooked them on simmer with a dash of whole jeera and coriander seeds powder. Then added the palak puree as suggested. Turned out great.
  4. Very easy to make, however lots of dishes when you blend the spinach and onion paste. Next time I make it I will skip the blending. I found the texture a little offputting, however the taste is excellent.<br/>Will definitely add to my favorites.
  5. I am not a big fan of greens.My sister insisted tht i shld make greens for her.I made this one n it was wiped clean.I omitted d cream n d puree part and added Kasoori methi abt 2tsp n closed n cooked for 2 min at d end.And Yes I have started liking greens now.Simple n fail proof recipe


  1. Sylvie, thanks for sharing your Aloo Palak, I made this side dish as a side dish with turkey at Christmas supper, I made Aloo Palak potatoes instead of mashed potatoes.<br/>Of course it took more time and effort to make this dish comparing to plain mashed potatoes, but it worthed every extra step or work. I had made too much, even next few days we enjoyed them as leftover and they were as delicious as first day.<br/>I will make this again and recommend everyone to try this healthy potato dish.<br/>Thanks again Sylvie.<br/>Santi
  2. Yummy! I made several changes per what I had on hand: I minced the onion, garlic, & ginger, sauteed them in 1 Tbsp butter & 1 Tbsp EVOO, added the spices (I didn't have cumin seeds so used 2 tsp cumin powder, also subbed cayenne powder for the chilis), and used 1 bunch of red chard instead of spinach. Chopped the card and did not puree. Maybe this seems like a different recipe at this point but the ratio of spices gave this dish a wonderful aroma and flavor! Went great with curried chicken and saffron cashew rice :)
  3. I didn't blend the spinach mixture, just left it whole. I used a bit of oil in place of the butter as well, and used regular potatoes. Loved the flavours. Thanks!
  4. Delicious. Our family all have colds (but me!) so I thought a spicy dish was in order. They're 10 and under, so it couldn't be overly spicy. This fit the bill. I didn't have enough fresh spinach from the garden, so I augmented with a large can of Popeye brand spinach I had no idea what to do with. If it's pureed after being cooked, what's the diff? I used a Tablespoon of Jamaican curry powder (not the hottest available) instead of the turmeric, cumin, and garam masala, and added 1 tsp. of ground cumin. I tallied a total of 3tsp. of salt in the end. I creamed it with 1/2 cup of goat milk instead of cream, and the children just ate it up with french bread on the side. I didn't have any roti today. I used a red chili grown in my Italian neighbors garden, deseeded (for the children) and a large bell pepper to bulk the meal up. I put in the blender: 2 T oil, the garlic, ginger, onions, and chile and bell pepper. Bzzt, then spooned the dry spices into the hot pan with another 2 T oil in it, stirred for a few seconds (they're ground after all) and then added the contents of the blender. I sauteed that until it was quite melded and the onions were sweeter. Then went in a few handfuls of raw chopped spinach, and the can of drained Popeye spinach. The green sauce held some texture still, coated the cubed red potatoes I used (with skins on) and was very popular with my family. I added 8 grinds of black pepper, because I tweaked the spices for what I had in the cupboard, and it needed a little bit of heat. The Italian red pepper from my neighbors garden had a little bite to it, but not so much that it heated the whole dish once blended. Delish! Kids had seconds. Me too.
  5. Easy to prepare - the only change I made was to add chili powder in place of the green chilies as I had none on hand. A good way to add more vegetarian dishes to the weekly rotation. The spices are subtle - this would be a good side for a full blown Indian dinner. I served this with rice but it would probably be better with a popadum or on its own.


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