Almond Butter Cookies

"Need to bring cookies to a pot luck were one girl could not have flour and one could not have peanuts. Tweeked an old recipe to fit everyones needs. Hope you like it."
Almond Butter Cookies created by Lalaloula
Ready In:
24 cookies




  • Preheat oven to 350* and line cookie sheets with parchment paper.
  • Beat together almond butter and sugar in a large bowl with an electric mixer until smooth.
  • Add beaten egg and baking soda to almond butter mixture and beat until well combined.
  • Roll 1 teaspoon of dough into a ball and roll in sugar then place on cookie sheet.
  • Place dough balls one inch apart on cookie sheet and either leave as little balls (which is how we like them) or flatten with tines of fork making a cross pattern.
  • Bake until slightly puffed and a golden pale, about 10 minutes, careful not to over cook.
  • Cool cookies on parchment paper about 2 minutes and then transfer with spatula to rack to cool at least 10 more minutes.

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  1. genius
    I found they start to burn at about 25 minutes at 350, so the second batch I reduced to 20 minutes. The texture and quality was much better when not overcooked. the ratio of 1 egg one cup allman butter and one cup Splenda leaves them a little greasy. I will experiment and add almond flour next time.
  2. Tonya M.
    These are excellent! Love that I didn't need flour...they seem somewhat healthy. Thank you!
    Perfect for low-carb dieters! These were good but very sweet. I think next time I would use 3/4 cup of sugar blend. I did use the Splenda brown sugar blend like some other reviewers. I also got 15 good size cookies out of the batch. Mine must have been bigger because they took a few minutes longer to cook. Made for Everyday is a Holiday Tag
  4. Lalaloula
    These cookies were really nice on the inside with a great crunch to them and such a yummy nutty flavour! Mmm, the almond butter really gave them a wonderful taste! I made my own nut butter using almonds, pecans, cashew nuts and walnuts. YUM!<br/>I think this concept is brilliant for sugar conscious people, however the German sugar sub I used didnt work out that well. It kinda left a funny cold feeling on my tongue. I think using this particular sub rolling the cookies in sugar isnt the best idea. The inside was great, so next time Ill just skip the rolling step.<br/>THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this lovely idea here with us, Debbie!<br/>Made and reviewed for PRMR Tag Game January 2011.
  5. Lalaloula
    Almond Butter Cookies Created by Lalaloula



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