4 Fun Salsa's in One!

"Here you have 1- "Main Salsa". 2-"Smokey and Spicy Salsa". 3- "Spiked Fruity Salsa". 4- "Guacamole" Salsa. Your choice! This recipe was created by the "Whine & Cheese Gang", --Leslie--- cilantro "love of herbs". NcMysteryShopper--Vodka the queen of mixed drinks. Susie D-Garlic many healthy properties. mama's kitchen-brown sugar to sweet! Mommy Diva - Serrano! Cause she too likes it spicy!! --Laury-- - reFRESHing limes. Brenda.- Onion Sweet and Spicy she is all in one. chia - Juicy Ripe tomatoes. French Tart - sun-dried tomatoes cos' she lives in the sun, have rosy cheeks when I drink too much and I have a dry sense of humour! **Jubes**- for the Love, love, love of tomatoes. megnbrycesmom - bright fruit like mango b/c she adores color PanNan - Soft and Creamy avocado. Peter J - cool as a cucumber Pot Scrubber - fresh cracked pepper salt and cumin for his spiciness. --Rita---chipotle in adobo sauce I like it smokey hot! We put these all together and came out with this yummy recipes. For each of the last three salsa's use your taste buds to see how much of the main salsa to add. Have fun creating your mixes. Can't wait to see what you did!"
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photo by A Good Thing
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Ready In:




  • Main Tomato Salsa:

  • Mix all ingredients together and chill for flavors to meld.
  • Smoky and Spicy Salsa:

  • Add the ingredients to the main salsa. Depending on how smoky and spicy you can add the ingredients to 1/3 to all the main salsa.
  • Spiked Fruity Salsa:

  • Pour the lime vodka over the mango and cucumbers let sit for 10 minutes.
  • Add the ingredients to the main salsa. Your choice of how much main salsa you add to it.
  • Guacamole:

  • Using 1-4 avocados blend in as much salsa as desired.
  • Serve with chips, enhance your favorite wraps, top grilled chicken, fish, or beef.
  • Hint:

  • If making all four recipe above, and want to have about the same servings of each salsa.
  • Divide the main tomato salsa keeping 1/3 of it to have as is.
  • For the Smoked and Spicy Salsa: Add it`s ingredients to 1/3 of the main tomato salsa.
  • For the Spiked Fruity Salsa: add ingredients to 1/6 of the main tomato salsa.
  • For Guacamole: add ingredients to 1/6 of the maintomato slasa.
  • Season all with additional lime juice, salt and pepper to taste.
  • Have FUN!

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  1. I made the base salsa, using jalapeno pepper. Enjoyed with Mexican rice and pinto beans for a great supper. Thanks Rita. Made for Vegetarian Swap May 2013.
  2. Muy rico! This salsa is yummo!! Muchas gracias for a very versatile salsa. I made the main salsa this morning and enjoyed it this afternoon by itself and also mixed with the avocado to create a very delightful guacamole! Ole'!!! Will be trying this with the other 2 salsas soon. Made during ZWT 5 as a thanks to the Whine & Cheese Gang! (for the Genies of Gourmet)
  3. I made the main salsa and the guacamole, both were quite good, but we really liked the guacamole one the best. Made for ZWT5
  4. Muy exelente! I made all 4 salsas and we had a little salsa tasting party! I don't normally like guacamole, but I followed the directions for dividing this to make all 4 salsas and used 1 avocado. I actually liked this guacamole because the base salsa helped balance the flavor of the avocados. The mango flavor wasn't very prominent, I could taste more of the cucumber for the fruity salsa, which was very crisp and cooling. I need to measure the adobo sauce better next time. I think I added a little too much and it overwhelmed the rest of the salsa, but that was my fault. We both loved the main salsa. I blended this in my food processor and it was the texture of the salsa I had in Mexico! Thanks for a great salsa x4! Made for the salsa challenge Epicurean Queens ZWT5: Mexico/Tex-Mex/Southwest.
  5. I choose to make the Guacamole. I made the main salsa and used it all with 4 avocados. It was GREAT! Thank You. Made for ZWT 5, Sultans of Spice.



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