15 Plant-Based Pasta Dishes

Eating completely plant-based just got so much easier. Who says comfort food needs egg-based pasta or a heavy cream sauce? Not only are cashews the new go-to, but you can buy vegan pasta at the store for simple assembly.

Creamy Vegan Pesto Pasta With Broccoli

“Everyone thinks I’m a gourmet cook when I make this, and they can’t believe it’s vegan.”


Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo

“This is a light and silky sauce made from cauliflower. It's not as rich as a classic Alfredo sauce, but it's still creamy and delicious to pour over pasta!”

-Izy Hossack

Vegan Pasta Bolognese

A perfect meaty substitute — mushrooms and lentils! Just like a typical lentil chili, but transformed into an Italian classic — bolognese!

Vegan Veggie Lasagna

"I mixed together the tofu and veggie mixture in a sauce pan and put it on spaghetti. It was delicious!”


Creamy Vegan Mac & Cheese

“A creamy cashew-based sauce which gets it’s gooey texture from blended potato! I like to top it with breadcrumbs and send it for a brief grilling in the oven to crisp them up.”

-Izy Hossack

Vegan Pesto Sauce

“A basil pesto sauce that’s both vegan and yummy!”

-Jeannette 108

"cheesy" Vegan Lasagna

"This recipe was amazing! I had it for dinner with guests and everyone loved it. I couldn’t believe a vegan dish tasted this good, and it wasn't heavy like most Italian dishes are!”


Vegan Macaroni & Cheese

"Creamy and satisfying, this mac and cheese recipe gives one a rush of euphoric satisfaction! You can barely tear yourself away from this delightful concoction, both filling and just satisfying overall.”

-John Beam

Vegan Speedy Alfredo-Style Sauce

“Fantastic! This is a definite keeper. I ate this with butternut squash ravioli. They went great together!”


Creamy Basil & Sun-Dried Tomato Vegan Pasta

"Newly vegan and have been looking for something to satisfy my dairy craving. This absolutely did the trick! It was delicious and felt like I was eating something creamy and off limits.”


Vegan Lasagne

“I made this last night and it was so nice. My husband loved it as well!”


Vegan Pasta Alla Norma Eggplant Pasta

“Fast and easy to do when you get home from work! We love eggplant.”


Vegan Pumpkin Penne

“This recipe was so easy to make, and filling! The sauce was so creamy, it coated the pasta perfectly.”

-Meghan at Food.com

Vegan Baked Ziti

“A great dinner for busy nights with ingredients that I have on hand.”


Vegan Spaghetti

“A delicious vegan spaghetti. None of the ingredients contain meat or meat byproducts in them. I actually thought of this recipe myself!”

-Cassie Hunsicker