12 Vegan Eggplant Dishes

Eggplant is a common substitute for several meaty meals. Let's go full blown plant-based and kick it up a notch! Trust us, you won't be missing anything!

Eggplant With Hot Garlic Sauce

“An outstanding recipe! Intense flavors, meltingly soft eggplant, crunchy water chestnuts and green onions! All eggplant lovers out there have to try this!”


Italian Eggplant Ragout

“This was delicious. I served it over a bowl of polenta and it was the ultimate comfort food meal. I'll be making this again and often.”

-Halima Dances

Aubergine Roll-Ups

"Wonderful! It's hard to find a gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian recipe that actually tastes delicious, but this one does. I sprinkled some lemon juice over the eggplant which worked nicely!”


Curried Eggplant Soup

“What a great change of pace for eggplant! It took less than 30 minutes, from the thought of making it to enjoying a cup! I love the flavor.”


Chinese Eggplant in Garlic Sauce

"The family loved it! Next time I’m doubling the recipe. They gobbled it up fast and wanted more.”


Warm Aubergine Salad

“Mmm, delicious! I decided to double the garlic. We had it on a piece of grilled sourdough bread!”


Baked Noodles & Eggplant

"We really enjoyed this vegetarian casserole. By the time I was finished, this was probably enough for 6-8 people!”


Eggplant & Potato Curry

“This is my version of a spicy dish we had on our last trip to Chicago. It was served with white rice. I recommend Japanese Eggplant!”


Pasta With Eggplant

“A very nice dish! My garden is overflowing with eggplant, so I’ve been trying some different dishes. Great flavor!”

-Maryland Jim

Imam Bayildi

“This is so good! Don’t be afraid of the sugar and lemon juice. I was hesitant, but it really balances itself out and adds a depth of flavor!”


Red Bell Pepper & Eggplant

"I made this very colorful by using a purple eggplant, a white eggplant, a green pepper and a red pepper. This is a great combination of veggies for roasting!”


Brinjal Curry

“I love Indian eggplant and consider myself a rather great cook, so I ventured out to make my own. It came out awesome! I was so pleased with my dish last summer that I'm making it again this weekend.”