Unleash Your Imagination with This Totoro Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Totoro—Miyazaki's classic creature next door—comes to life as a double-decker dessert.

Totoro Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

This stacked cake features two cartoonish cookies filled with buttercream and raw cookie dough.

Cookie Lovers Rejoice

Roll out sugar cookie dough to your desired size in a lined sheet pan, then add chocolate chips. Refrigerate until firm, about 30 minutes.

Shape of things to come

Place your Totoro stencil over the chocolate chips.

Trace with a knife

Use a knife to make a light outline around the stencil in the dough.


Peel away the paper.

Give it a trim

Use your outline to slice away the extra dough. You should be left with a nice, clean cookie in the shape of Totoro. Refrigerate your two unbaked Totoro cookies for 15 minutes before proceeding.

Into the oven

Bake your cookies until they're barely brown around the edges. Then, let them cool completely.

Collect your decorations

Time to start building your cookie cake.

Choose your tips

First up, you'll need large star tips for your pastry bag.

Time for buttercream

Use this frosting to fill the interior of your Totoro cookie sandwich.

Make Little Frosting Flowers

Start by outlining your lower cookie with dollops of buttercream.

Roll Up Cookie Dough

Follow the recipe below to make a ready-to-eat cookie dough. You can make these truffles as big or as small as you'd like.

Alternate fillings

Decorate with buttercream and cookie dough truffles until you've covered your whole bottom layer.

Close it up

Make a Totoro sandwich by placing your second cookie on top.

Bring the color

Use star and circle pastry tips (as well as colored buttercream) to create Totoro's body and belly. We recommend Wilton tip sizes 10 and 199.

Instagram, then enjoy

Finish this monster up with a set of candy eyes and some Royal icing belly arrows, and get ready to dig in.