14 Wine Cocktails for Thanksgiving

In addition to the usual red and white on the table, try serving one of these simple and fun wine cocktails to spruce up Thanksgiving dinner.

Slow-Cooker Mulled Wine

"How easy and festive is this? I love the fact that it could bubble away all day in my slow cooker and not take up room on the stove."

-Liza at Food.com

Tinto De Verano

"I loved this drink! It is so simple, light and refreshing. If you don’t have a lemon, some fresh orange is really good too."


Mulled Wine

"This drink is fabulous. It has a hint of spice, a hint of sweet and it's smooth as can be."


Bavarian Mulled Wine

"What's better than a Bavarian mulled wine packed with flavor from cinnamon sticks, oranges, lemons, cloves, vanilla and star anise?"


Festive Sangria

"I served this sangria while my guests waited for dinner. Everyone loved it and begged for the recipe."


Rose Sangria

"Letting this wine sit for 24 hours really allows the orange flavor to develop. It also mellows the taste of the alcohol. It is very tasty!"


Australian Wine Punch

"I can't think of many drinks that mix wine and liquor, but this one really works! The flavor of the drink really complements the wine."



"This drink tastes so good that you can't stop yourself from having seconds. The mix of white wine, cream and nutmeg is delicious."


Holiday Wine Spritzer

"If you like sweet wine, you will love this spritzer. It would make a lovely drink for a sophisticated brunch or a holiday dinner."


White Citrus Sangria

"This fruity sangria tastes a bit like dessert wine and is a delicious after-dinner drink."



"This Kir is delicious! The creme de cassis creates a lovely sweet-berry wine. I will definitely make this again."


Port Cocktail

"Adding a twist of lemon to this cocktail really brightens up the flavors. Also, try adding simple syrup if the flavor is too strong."


Holiday Wine

"This is my family's favorite Holiday drink. It is fabulously delicious."

-Tunisia I.E.Al-Salahuddin

Afternoon Wine Cooler

"Regardless of its name, this drink can be enjoyed in the evening and is perfect for fall. It's very quick to make and so tasty."