14 Star Wars-Inspired Snacks

AKA how to become a Jedi Master in the kitchen.

BB-8 Cookie Cake

Celebrate your love for astromech droids with a giant chocolate chip cookie cake.

"Ham" Solo Savory Cake

Carbonite takes the shape of cheese in this flavorful savory cake, inspired by Han Solo.

Porg Rice Balls

Toasted sesame seeds give this sushi dish a rich nutty flavor and an appearance that might be just as adorable as their inspiration. Inside you’ll find a bite of crisp cucumber and velvety cream cheese.

Millennium Falcon Pizza

This starship-shaped pizza will make you feel like you’re about to hyperdrive into realspace. Pepperoni, pesto and Thai hot sauce give this dish a lightspeed of flavors.

Jabba the Hutt Marshmallows

This legendary galaxy gangster gets a sweet and tangy makeover as a pillowy lime marshmallow with chocolate notes.

Yoda Soda

"Star Wars or not, this is my favorite wedding or shower punch...I love the blend of favors and won't use any other."


Wookie Cookies

"Great for a party or any old day of the week. These are sure to please any Star Wars fan."

-Kitchen Witch Steph

Star Wars Bantha Milk

Raise a glass to the alien planet Tatooine.

A Drink, Yoda Is

A smokey mezcal-based cocktail complete with a little Yoda-approved heat.

Galaxy... far, Far Away

Travel at light speed with this sweet, sprinkle-spiked drink.

Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Lightsabers

Fun to play with, and even more fun to eat!

The Dark Side

If you've always been drawn to the Dark Side, now indulge yourself — guilt-free.

Tie Fighters

"Great idea, my Star Wars-obsessed husband loves these!"


Yoda Rice Krispy Treat

The force is strong with this one.