10 Garlic Scape Recipes

One might ask, what are garlic scapes? It's essentially the stem from the head of garlic you see in a grocery store, with a milder taste similar to scallions and chives. Chop 'em up, sautee them or puree them into a sauce! They're rich in vitamins A and C, as well as being extremely fibrous. If you want an extra zing in your dishes, this is the ticket!

Wild Garlic Pesto

"Our of my colleagues had a wild garlic plant that is going crazy, so she bought some into work to share. I decided to try this, and it is really very easy and tasty!”

-Tea Girl

Sauteed Turnip Greens & Garlic Scapes

“Enjoying turnip greens couldn't get any easier or tastier than this! For those who are wondering, garlic scapes are the edible green tops of the garlic plant. Just cut them from the garlic plant, and they can be used in whichever dish that minced/chopped garlic would be appropriate!”


Early Garlic Greens

“These are a treasure! I find them at farmers' markets in the early summer. This recipe is my favorite preparation, steamed and simple! I serve them as a warm side dish, but I always cook extra so I have leftovers in the refrigerator for cold snacks and salads.”

-wood stove stoker

Pickled Garlic Scapes

“This year was my first time experiencing garlic scapes. I grilled some, added some to a salad and made this lovely recipe! These are great with barbecue, or any other way you might enjoy a garlic-y pickle.”


Scrambled Eggs With Garlic Scapes

“I bought some garlic scapes from an organic farmer at the local farmers' market this morning. He said to try them in scrambled eggs! How delicious.”


Sauteed Garlic Scapes With Red Pepper & Almonds

"I've used garlic scapes raw for seasoning before, but I’ve never thought to cook them like this. The flavor is quite mild and the texture is a lot like green beans. I added a bit of soy sauce. What a nice dish!”



“While the red pepper adds color, the beans and scapes are look alikes that fill this dish with tasty surprises! Serve it up with sauteed or grilled poultry or meat.”


Beef & Garlic Scapes Stir-Fry

“Yum! I added a pound of frozen green beans in with the garlic scapes when they were almost cooked through and doubled the sauce. What an easy, quick go-to stir-fry.”


Garlic Scapes & Potato Salad

"The garlic scapes and sauteed onion add a nice flavor. I added a bit more mayo as I like it more dressed!”


Garlic Scapes Potatoes

"This is incredible! It was delicious. Sauteing the scapes mellows the flavor a bit, so they have a nice flavor that isn’t too strong."