14 Awesome Kids' Crafts for Summer

Kids already in a summertime slump? Beat the boredom blues by keeping these easy, pantry-friendly, giggle-inducing crafts at the ready.


"We left the Kool-Aid out of it because I'm a lazy mom and didn't want to deal with any stains. This was still so cool! We had a blast."


Homemade Crayons

"Five stars! I collected a handful of broken crayons and put the pieces into mini-muffin pans. Presto! My daughter finally has a crayon that she can hold."


Homemade Finger Paint

"My children loved this paint! I've already shared the recipe with my boys' kindergarten teacher."

-Mami J

Homemade Crystal Garden

"I haven't done this since second grade, but I loved it! Definitely something to do with the kids! Bluing can be found in the laundry aisle of your local grocery store."


Giant Bubbles

"This recipe makes gigantic, long-lasting, industrial-strength bubbles. We could even stack them together and make bubble sculptures!"


Kool-Aid Tie-Dyed T-Shirts

"We made shirts with this recipe for my daughter's sleepover party, and everyone loved them. We used seven different flavors for a variety of colors."

-karen in tbay

Dr. Seuss' Oobleck

"This stuff is so much fun! It looks like liquid, but it feels firm and powdery. It's neat to watch it ooze off your fingers and into the bowl."


Play-Doh Copycat

"This was great! My kids had a ball creating some weird-and-wonderful colors for the dough and then some equally weird-and-wonderful creations with the finished product!"


Compliment Jar

"This is a great pick-me-up. I made one for the family to use when we�re feeling down, and it really works!"

- Lalaloula

Homemade Birdhouse

"Not only are these absolutely clever and adorable, they smell amazing too! The little birds perched inside are teeny tiny and look so happy in their little home."

-Liza at Food.com

Kids' Bathtub Paints

"My kids had the best time with these paints. They are easy to make and totally genius!"


Eating Healthy Game

"I came up with this game as a way to improve my kids' eating habits. If they 'won' I would let them have dessert or a piece of candy."


Homemade Rainbow Sugar Crystals

"This was easy to make, and the kids loved it. Science, cooking and helping Mommy all at the same time!"


Death Star Pinata with Lightsaber Stick

"My son is a big Star Wars fan, so I came up with this themed pinata for his birthday party. The paper mache takes a few days, but the results are worth it!"