Rainbow Sugar Crystals

"Much less expensive than store bought. Great for cookies, cakes, etc. Also, can add a drop or two of extracts to make the sugar also taste and smell good. Multiply amount to make as much as you need, but a little goes a long way, visually."
photo by Sherrybeth photo by Sherrybeth
photo by Sherrybeth
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photo by joanna_giselle photo by joanna_giselle
photo by Sherrybeth photo by Sherrybeth
Ready In:
2 TB


  • 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • 2 -3 drops food coloring (for vibrant colors)
  • 1 drop food coloring (for softer colors)


  • In a snack size ziplock, combine sugar and food coloring of your choice and close securely.
  • Smoosh around with your fingers and shake until desired color is achieved. To make a very light pastel color, either use more sugar to a regular drop or a very very tiny drop to the 2 TB. Store excess right in the baggie.
  • NOTE: You can also color salt, cornmeal & coconut the same way.
  • SECOND NOTE: Look for the NEON food coloring at the store to get some different coloring ideas, also don't forget that a drop of one color mixed with a drop of another color will give you more options!
  • THIRD NOTE: You can get larger granulated white sugars in the cake decorating section of upper end stores, some craft stores and most specialty bakery shops. They don't stick as well, but they render a wonderful crunch to your finished product. Sugar in the Raw works well with yellow, orange, red and brown colors, but they wont be as bright.

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  1. marella
    thank you!!
  2. joanna_giselle
    I made this in green and blue and it was just gorgeous! The colours were really bright. I never realised that it could be made so easily, although I recommend using white rather than raw sugar for more intense colours. I am going to make some in red for Christmas. Thanks! Edited to add: raw sugar is better for red colours as white can be too pinkish.
  3. Sherrybeth
    I had no idea making colored sugar was this easy. I put my sugar in the small snack sized zippered bags and dropped the food coloring in. It clumped up and I mushed it around and it colored the sugar perfectly. Thanks CARYN....this one is foolproof. A KEEPER!!!
  4. eknecht
    Easy to make, the kids love doing this- science, cooking, and helping Mommy all at the same time! Thanks for posting!


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