Bird Houses

Recipe by Rita1652
READY IN: 30mins


  • glue, gun
  • 6 -18
    inches ribbon (raffia)
  • 30
    wine corks
  • dried spanish moss dried herb like lavender or rosemary
  • 6
    glue sticks (you may need more or less depends on how long the sticks are)
  • ribbon (Raffia, to make a bird nest)


  • Tie a bow with the raffia.
  • Assemble corks by size the best you can. So each section is about the same size.
  • When gluing adjust corks while glue is hot to even out.
  • This is glued in 6 sections then put together.
  • The base is 4 corks glued (2 side x side then glued end to end.
  • Attached to the right and left of the base will be 1 row of 4 corks glued together (side x side).
  • The peak is 2 corks glued end to end.
  • The 2 roof tops are 8 corks each. Two rows of four corks glued side X side, then glue the 2 rows together.
  • Assemble start at the base attach the right side and the left side. Eye them to make them come out on an angle.
  • Then go to the top half glue the peak to the roof sides. Take note in the pictures how they meet.
  • You can adjust while glue is warm.
  • Randomly place hot glue on open spaces and top with moss or herbs. Place a nest inside and place birds in the nest. Adhere the bow on top with hot glue.
  • Be careful not to burn yourself. I made 10 and burnt myself 3 times.