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10 Things to Make with Pizza Dough

Don't get us wrong: Pizza is always a delicious idea. But there's so much more you can do with ready-made dough! From stromboli to cinnamon rolls, get great ideas for any night of the week.

Enchilada Chicken Tart

Make classic enchiladas even heartier by using chewy pizza dough! Mix in a little taco seasoning to the enchilada sauce topping to give it an extra kick.

Cheese & Egg Breakfast Braid

"Delicious! I loved the green chili in this, it added a great flavor. This is easy to make and impressive for company."


Stromboli Squares

"These were fantastic! We loved it! This is easy to make and doesn't take too long to bake. Plus, it makes a lot, which is great for leftovers."

-Aunt Paula

Chili Cheese Dogs in Beach Blankets

"Wonderful! This was a great, easy dinner. I cheated and used canned brown beans, and doubled it, using a full package of 12 hot dogs. It worked out perfectly!"


Easiest Cinnamon Rolls Ever

You can't get much faster than 20-minute cinnamon rolls! This shortcut treat is even better with a quick drizzle of powdered sugar icing.

Calzones With Pasta Sauce

"This was soooooo good! I made six calzones instead of four, and used jarred pasta sauce. I also brushed the top with an egg wash. I will so make these again!"


Cheese & Crab Cups

"This is delicious! It's a really great recipe, and it also freezes very well."

-mums the word

Muffin Pan Pizza Rolls

"I ate three right out of the oven! The kids enjoyed these with additional pizza sauce for dipping. I'll be making more of these to have on hand in the freezer for quick meals."


Spring Asparagus Quiche

"I knew I would like this because I love asparagus mixed with scrambled eggs, but this brings it to a whole new level. I wouldn't change a thing."


Easy Cheesy Breadsticks

"It's amazing that refrigerated pizza crust from a can would result in something so good. These are addictive."

-Ginny Sue