Grandma Weeks Pecan Pie

By Caryn Dalton on September 05, 2007

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    1. 78.07 ml butter, melted
    2. 236.59 ml light Karo syrup
    3. 236.59 ml brown sugar
    4. 3 eggs, lightly beaten
    5. 354.88 ml pecans, broken into small pieces
    6. 4.92 ml vanilla
    7. 0.25 ml salt
    8. 1 pie crust


  1. Melt butter. In a medium bowl, add butter, Karo syrup and sugar and mix well.
  2. Add beaten eggs, vanilla,nuts & salt.
  3. Pour into a pie shell and bake at 350 degrees for 35-45 minutes. You can do a toothpick test which should be only slightly wet.
  4. Caryn's note: This is the recipe as Keith sent it to us. I basted the edges of the pie crust with a tiny bit of egg white that I reserved and covered it with my pie ring (you could use foil) until the last 15 minutes of cooking. And, I had to cook the pie for about an hour before a toothpick test revealed the moist toothpick. As the pie cools, it will set more so don't be alarmed if the center jiggles a little. As I recall, it didn't cut extremely clean, but it sure was good!