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Cook 5 mins

This is my all-time favorite dessert. If you've never had it and you're in the Seattle area, go immedately to the 13 Coins Restaurant and try it! Very simple, but unbelievably rich and wonderful. A perfect end to a romantic dinner for two.

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  1. Beat the egg yolks and the sugar with a wire whisk until creamy.
  2. Place in the top of a water-filled (about 1. 5") double boiler, over high heat.
  3. Add the Marsala and continue to whip (don't stop whipping, or it will get lumpy!) until the zabaglione thickens- be careful not to overcook it, but you want it to be able to form soft peaks.
  4. (Alternately, if you have a gas stovetop and a round-bottomed copper bowl with a handle, you can beat it over the flame until cooked and frothy.) Pour into a parfait glass (they let it ooze over the rim at 13 Coins, like a volcanic eruption of wonderfully molten custard) and serve hot!


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I knew the double boiler my mother gave me would come in handy one day (even though I rarely cook dessert). I made this for hubby and I tonight, we LOVED IT!! I looked at the nutrition facts of this recipe and have been contemplating on whether to make this or not. Boy lemme tell ya, whipping up those yolks is a real calorie burner right there. It definetely takes me more than "5 minutes" to make this, but totally worth it. Yum! I think this is quite a versatile recipe; perhaps the addition of vanilla extract, cinnamon, or lemon zest would work wonders. I will post the results soon! Thank you for sharing this recipe!

Izzy Knight July 05, 2002

This is GREAT and it is AWFUL! I thought that the wine was completely overpowering,, and should have been reduced to a few tablespoons. Other than that, I LOVED it! It thickened up quite nicely; I added vanilla extract and that was awesome. Also added some cinnamon. I served it with spiced brown sugar shortbread cookies. Thanks for the recipe, I look forward to playing around with it!

macsrealm August 24, 2009

Oh wow. this was fun XD but I do agree that this took FAR longer than five minutes :D. I did mine with sparkling white grape juice (a recommended substitution if you didn't have the marsala..which..i didn't) And i also used some vanilla extract, cinnammon, and five egg yolks instead of the four. 0.o; i was kinda touch and go with the exact measurements, but it's definetley a delight, the white grape juicee added a wonderful kick after the soft and suddel creaminess of when it first touched the mouth. it's leaving bubbles on my mouth. :D how delcious and simple, but it does take more than five minutes!

Melisse March 30, 2005

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