Yummy, Fast and Easy Roast Beef Wrap

Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 1 min

This is something that I throw together when I am in a crunch for something to feed my kids, or myself. I love wraps, and love trying to make new ones. Dip it in Ranch dressing, or any dressing that you like. Cut them up for appetizers, or use for a snack or light dinner. Yummy yummy!


  1. On cold tortilla, place the roast beef, then cheese slice (divided in half to fit length wise).
  2. Microwave for 30-40 seconds on high.
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I have 3 kids 13, 8, 6 years old. As you can imagine, there's alot of complaining at dinnertime. One night I started to cook dinner only to find that the meat I was planning on using spoiled and I was an hour late starting! Pulled up Recipezaar and found this recipe. Have been serving it weekly since with NO COMPLAINING! Yeah, they loved it!

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My DH likes this with Munster cheese. We usually have this for lunch on Italian bread but the bakery had sold out and I rememberd I had seen this. I like it with mustard and DH likes with horseraddish sauce (Bookbinders brand is a good one).

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I made these for a quick dinner tonight. They were quick and easy to make. They had a good taste to them also. Will make again.

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