Total Time
3hrs 5mins
Prep 3 hrs
Cook 5 mins

CANNED SALSA. CAUTION Burns Lips poisonous to adults over 40

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. chop all ingredients to 1/2" cube.
  2. MIX in cauldron that is at least 1 foot tall till steaming.
  3. DECANT out about a quart of clear liquid from cauldron and add 1 small can tomato paste mixing with this liquid to add to salsa as it cooks.
  4. Process for 5 min in clean pre-heated Canning jars at 5 lb.
  5. Do NOT cold pack!
  6. Check lids for seal after cooling.
  7. Will keep in pantry.
  8. CHILL before serving.
Most Helpful

I have made salsa for 8 years, trying to get it just right. If you love HOT and FRESH... look no further. This is the best salsa I have ever had. I just added alot of fresh peppers so it was a bit chunkier. Thanks Yodar! All my other recipes hit the trash! Cookie

coomic December 23, 2002

Tastes great even after canning.....

Wal-i September 23, 2001

Comments? I am unable to harvest grandchildren for my father, Yodar ,as he's called in certain ranks, and am only able to lodge one complaint. Could you please upgrade the next shipment to overnight instead of next day air? Thanks dad, happy Father's Day.

david strain June 12, 2001