Killer Salsa

READY IN: 30mins
SERVES: 8-10
YIELD: 42 oz




  • open 1 can of the tomatoes drain juice only into a blender. set tomatoes to side for later.
  • trim stems and ends of peppers . put peppers in blender with the tomatoe juice. blend on high for 3 minute set a side.
  • dice onions and green peppers and green chiles place in med size bowl.
  • either break up cilantro or cut up but not to fine. mince garlic and mix in with other ingredients in bowl.
  • add lime juice,apple cider,salt, and pepper mix all ingredients well.
  • add blended juice with the peppers to bowl mix well.
  • add can of tomatoes set aside earlier to blender .blend on low till tomatoes are pasty.
  • open other can of tomatoes add to bowl juice and all mix well.
  • add tomatoes from blender to bowl stir very well till blended.
  • place in a tupperware bowl or air tight container. LET SIT OVER NITE.
  • mix well before serving -- enjoy -- .