Whole Wheat Apple Cinnamon Bread - Bread Machine

Total Time
3hrs 10mins
Prep 10 mins
Cook 3 hrs

Try making french toast with this cinnamon bread, or bread pudding.

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Mix in the order recommended by your breadmaker, 1 1/2 lb loaf, whole wheat setting.


Most Helpful

MMMM! Fantastic bread! I couldn't resist this recipe even though I don't have a bread machine. I didn't have wheat gluten so I substituted a bit of white flour, and for the o.j. concentrate I added a bit of applesauce. I also added almost 3/4 cup of finely diced granny smith apples and 3 tsp. cinnamon. I warmed the applejuice, honey, and applesauce ever so slightly (not too hot or it will kill the yeast!) in a saucepan, and then added the yeast until it foamed. Stirred that in slowly to the dry ingredients, let it rise for an hour, punched it down, let it rise for 45 more minutes, and then baked around 350F for about 70 minutes (my oven is terribly slow). The result was a delicious, dense, not too sweet bread. Thanks a million for the recipe!

vegitaliana June 07, 2005

Yum-m-m! Just pulled it out of my bread machine and tasted a little piece of it. Can't wait for breakfast! I threw in some coarsely chopped walnuts, too. I used 2 teaspoons of bread machine yeast and that worked well. This will be made often at our house. Carole in Orlando

carole in orlando November 28, 2003

i totally messed up this recipe-- first of all the baking pan wasn't in right, so as soon as it started it was not getting mixed--i caught the mistake after an hr, fixed it, and started again. it was only when there was 30 minutes left that i realized i forgot to add the oatmeal, yikes! but it was too late-nevertheless, the kids devoured this, like they'd never seen bread before! i didn't get to even taste this , but i'm giving you 5 stars based on all the crumbs that were left:)

chia March 30, 2003

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