Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 30 mins

This is a very moist and fluffy cake recipe that I got from my sister-in-law. It has never failed me yet. I have used it for different occasions and holidays and its always a big hit.

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  1. Preheat oven to 375F degrees.
  2. Mix butter& sugar until fluffy.
  3. Add eggs& vanilla.
  4. Add flour, little by little.
  5. Add baking powder& salt.
  6. Add milk, little by little until consistency is right.
  7. Pour in a 9x13 or cupcake pan, lightly greased/sprayed& floured.
  8. Bake for 30-33 minutes or until toothpick inserted into middle comes out clean.
Most Helpful

Although I love the taste of this cake, it didn't rise much and it is a bit hard. It is moist, don't get me wrong, and delicious, but not fluffy. I followed the recipe exactly, but don't know why it came out so firm. update: I followed the advice of the previous reviewer who suggested to put part of the flour in first, and then part of the milk, and then more flour, and then more milk, and it worked out just fine. There is a chemical reason for doing it this way and I read the suggested article from the previous reviewer and it worked out wonderfully this time. Love the cake.

jonmatson63 February 01, 2010

My niece requested a white cake for her birthday instead of a healthful one, so I obliged and made this one. I followed the directions given and the result was a tough cake. People didn't finish their pieces. Had I thought about the mixing methods I used in making my favorite cakes from years ago, I would have realized the directions listed here were off. I double-checked on the web and found a page that explains how to mix cakes in the correct steps to avoid it tough. I would suggest that anyone making this cake should first check The section that explains the 3-2-3-2-3 Cake Mixing Steps is at the bottom of the page. The flavor seemed to be good, so I think that following those steps would solve the problem I and some of the other reviewers had, but as the recipe was written, I had to say I didn't like it.

Netgirl's Healthy Cookbook October 07, 2007

Made the cake and the flavor was great! It was really dense. Next time I make it I'm going to experiment with sifting the flour or using cake flour. Just want it to be a little more fluffy. Thank you for the recipe though, it was delicious!

blondica05 July 06, 2012