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Prep 1 min
Cook 0 mins

Forget the store bought stuff! Those harsh fumes can burn your lungs if you're not careful. This method produces excellent results with a fresh smell. Thanks to my mom for the tip!


  1. In a spray bottle, pour the fabric softener and water. Screw on the top and spray liberally over wallpaper. Wait 5-15 minutes, then using a sharp scraper, go to work!
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This should get 25 stars!!!! We used it today after pulling down grapevine border & some wallpaper 1/2 way on the walls. Sprayed it on & within a minute was able to scrape off all glue & could almost peel it off in 1 whole strip! Im so glad I remembered I had this recipe in my file of homemade recipes! Thankyou so much for a GREAT way to remove wallpaper glue!
Saved a lot of headaches & cussing, lol! I use scented softner (Downy) & it smells great out there.

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This works like magic! I used a scoring tool made for removing wallpaper, then sprayed this great stuff on and wallah! The paper came off in long, easy-to-handle strips. Plus, there's no chemicals, no awful smell or sticky stuff to run down your arms. Thanks!

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Used this to remove some not so old wallpaper. It was the first time I had to do this so I can't compare it to any other wall paper removers but it worked great for me! Smelled awesome. This is from Spring PAC 2010 - kind of weird choice for a recipe but what the heck ???