No Knead Homemade Noodles (Food Processor)

"Time saving method produces old fashioned results."
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Ready In:


  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 large eggs
  • 12 teaspoon salt
  • 3 tablespoons cream or 3 tablespoons you may substitute milk


  • (This will take only 5 minutes.)Place flour in food processor. Add eggs and process to a meal-like consistency. Continue processing and add cream through tube until the dough forms a ball and cleans the sides of the bowl. (Be careful not to add so much liquid that it turns to a batter instead of a dough ball. Check dough. If it is sticky, break into three pieces and sprinkle with flour. Continue to process until the dough is stiff but not dry, soft and pliable without being sticky. (A softer dough will roll thinner and make more tender noodles.).
  • To test if the dough was processed long enough, cut through the ball of dough with a sharp knife. It should have tiny air bubbles throughout. Another test is to rub the ball of dough against your cheek. It should have the soft bounce and velvety touch of a babies bottom.
  • Once the dough is processed, place the ball of dough on a counter sprinkled with a small amount of flour and cover it with a bowl. Let it rest for 20 minutes.
  • (This will take another 5 minutes.) Cut into four small pieces and roll each of them into a very thin sheet. Sprinkle each sheet with flour and stack on top of each other. Cut the stack into quarters and stack again. Cut thin strips from one side and put them into the bowl sprinkling with small amounts of flour to keep them from sticking.
  • The noodles are ready to drop into briskly bowling broth. Lower heat and simmer for 20 minutes.
  • Cook time includes time for the dough to rest.

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  1. My 12 year old now loves making homemade noodles! We increased this to 3 cups flour, 3 eggs, 2tsp salt (yes that much it softens the dough), and 1/4 plus a bit of half and half. I also like them better with a Tablspoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of course pepper. Thank you so much for posting.
  2. I have made homemade noodles the old-fashioned way for 40 years. I love that I can skip the kneading (that job gets harder as you age LOL) These tasted just like the old way. I cooked up a portion in chicken soup and let the rest dry after slicing, then stored them in the freezer. Next time I want chicken noodle soup, I can just thaw and cook. Made for PAC Spring 2007.
  3. This was as good as my original homemade noodles and so much easier. I used a food processor and that's the way I will be making my noodles from now on. Thanks so much.
  4. This turned out perfectly!! I made it tonight and rolled them out using my Kitchen Aid attachment.
  5. Preparing for the 2013 Oscars, which includes the famous line from Silver Linings Playbook, "I'm making crabby snacks and homemades!" I wanted an easy recipe for "homemades" which are homemade noodles. There were lots of recipes out there but this looked like the easiest. I followed the recipe EXACTLY, which I never do, and the lovely, plump noodles are waiting until tonight to take their turn in the boiling water. These were EXCELLENT directions, mine looked exactly as described, and I'm sure they'll taste great. Thanks!



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