Sweet Southern Sugared Strawberries (Strawberry Topping)

Total Time
1 min
0 mins

This is a family favorite handed down for generations. It is very basic and can be used in Strawberry shortcake, ice cream topping, cheesecake topping, pancake or waffle topping, etc. Be creative with it!

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  1. You will need a tupperware type container with a lid.
  2. First, slice as many strawberries as you would like and place them in the container.
  3. Then add as much sugar as you wish.
  4. The more sugar makes more syrup.
  5. I usually add enough to fully coat the strawberries.
  6. Now put the lid on the container and tumble the strawberries for a minute so they can get saturated in the sugar.
  7. Now refrigerate the container for a couple of hours, and you will have the tastiest, sweetest strawberries in their own syrup.
  8. (I usually leave them in the refrigerator over night).