Sweet Potato French Fries

READY IN: 35mins
Recipe by Darlene Summers

My girls would not eat sweet potatoes when they were little till I tried french frying them. Now Paula loves them candied, fried, french fried, baked, etc. Erica still will not eat them except french fried, but she loves them french fried.

Top Review by Bone Man

These are spectacular. I cut my fries pretty big and used the "double-fry" method, deep frying them in very hot CRISCO for 4 minutes the first round, pulling them out for a few minutes, draining them on a paper towel, and then deep frying them a second time for about 8 minutes in the same very hot oil until they were beginning to crisp on the edges. The end color of the fries was magnificent! My wife had requested me to make these and wanted NO salt on them -- she gave the end result two thumbs up. I salted mine and did the same for a batch I took to the neighbors. Mine were incredible and the neighbors told me that they ate "every crumb!" Thank you so much for providing this fine recipe. I would certainly encourage others to try these great fries as an occasional alternative to regular home made french fries. The double cooking method assures that you get a good solid sweet potato flavor, no mushiness and they were not at all greasy, and less "cardboardy" in texture than fries cooked in the traditional "one-drop, deep-fry" method -- don't ask me why this double-fry method works so great because I have no clue *.* . I'm just content that I've discovered this superior cooking technique. Pat, the old bone man.

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  1. Peel and slice sweet potatoes as you would for french fries.
  2. Fry in deep fat as you would french fries.
  3. Drain on paper towels.
  4. Salt and enjoy.

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