Stuffed Chicken Breasts in Parma Ham

Total Time
10 mins
35 mins

DELICIOUS! Chicken breasts filled with a mushroom & rosemary stuffing and wrapped in parma ham. Perfect served on a bed of garlic mash with a caramelized onion or herb gravy. Few ingredients - simple to make - superb taste!

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  1. Finely chop the garlic and mushroom (or whizz in a blender) and fry in olive oil with the rosemary over a medium heat for approx 20 minutes Ensure to season the mushrooms well with salt.
  2. Create a pouch in each chicken breast with a sharp knife and fill with the mushroom stuffing.
  3. Wrap each breast in a slice of parma ham.
  4. Place in a roasting dish with plenty of olive oil. Cover with tinfoil and cook for approx 30 mins at 190 degrees.
  5. Can be served with salad, baked or mashed potatoes etc. My preference is mashed / whipped garlic potatoes with onion gravy on the side!