Strawberry Jam Tarts (Cookies)

Total Time
Prep 45 mins
Cook 12 mins

One of my favorite holiday cookies! I make these for Valentine's Day and Christmas! A very delicious tender, sweet cookie.

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Cream butter and sugar.
  2. Add egg and beat.
  3. Add milk and vanilla.
  4. Add rest of ingredients and mix well.
  5. Roll out dough to 1/8" thick.
  6. Cut the dough with solid shape cookie cutters such as hearts, christmas trees, etc.
  7. With very small cookie cutter of same shape, cut out centers of half of the shapes. (The outside edge pieces go on top of the solid shapes).
  8. Gather up bits of cut-out centers and roll out again, repeating til all dough is used up.
  9. Place whole shapes onto ungreased cookie sheet.
  10. Top each cookie center with a teaspoons or so of strawberry jam.
  11. Place cookie shape with cut-out center on top.
  12. Seal outside edges all the way around with tines of fork. Pressing to seal.
  13. Sprinkle edges with colored sugar.
  14. Bake in 350° oven for 11-13 minutes.
  15. These do not brown.


Most Helpful

More labor intensive than most holiday cookies, these are well worth the effort. For a different flavor, I used sour cherry jam and my favorite gingerbread cutout for the centers. Otherwise they were made as presented and were just wonderful. The one dissaointment was that by the time we got the hang of cuting out the centers and placing them on the jam without a mess, we were out of dough. Oh the other problem was the kids had to wait long enough to let the jam cool before eating them. (Well, they considered that a problem.) They just loved them saying they were like fresh pop tarts. Now I just need to find a place to hide the rest so they don't get eaten before we assemble the trays. Thanks so much for what will certainly become an annual favorite.

justcallmetoni December 10, 2005

This is excellent, excellent, excellent! I didn't use cookie cutters, just household circular shaped objects, so they may not have been as beautiful, but they were still pretty and DELICIOUS. MMMM! I am thinking an easier alternative might be to spread jam on cookie after baking, although it wouldn't be warm jelly. The warm jelly makes it even better. It is my new favorite cookie recipe. This is a keeper!

My.Hero.Is.Jesus June 14, 2011

These were great - I didn't have 2 nesting cutters, so I used a crab cookie cutter and a snapple jar for the nested center for the tops. They come out looking like ticks, which, for me, is AWESOME!!! Brought them into work, and the kids just can't get enough of them. The girls are kindov squeamish, but the boys think it's the kewlest thing ever. (the strawberry jam looks like blood)... Def not for you girlie girls out there, but it's a sure hit with the kids, esp for the upcoming tick season! :)

rangergurl March 27, 2011

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