Spitzbuben (Swiss Jam Cookies)

"Delicious Swiss jam cookies our family makes for Christmas. My father is from Switzerland, so I grew up with these yummy cookies. I apologize if the time and yield are slightly off; I generally make 2-4 batches at a time, so it takes an entire evening!"
photo by A2471 photo by A2471
photo by A2471
Ready In:
1hr 8mins
24-36 cookies




  • Beat the sugar and butter together until light and fluffy.
  • Beat in the almond meal and vanilla flavouring and the white of 1 egg.
  • Add the flour and knead until smooth.
  • Chill dough in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours.
  • Preheat over to 325 degrees.
  • Roll out the dough on a lightly floured cutting board to the thickness of 1/8"-1/4" (the thinner the dough, the better the cookie).
  • Cut with small round, star, or diamond-shaped cookie cutters.
  • Use a smaller cookie cutter to cut a "window" in half the cookies (these will be the top of the cookie sandwiches).
  • Place all the cookies on lightly buttered and floured cookie sheets.
  • Bake for 12-15 minutes, until golden.
  • Remove cookies from the baking sheet and let cool.
  • Spread the cookies without a "window" with fruit jam.
  • Coat the cookies with "windows" in confectioners' sugar, and then place on top of the cookies with fruit jam.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Karl S.
    Can this dough be refrigerated overnight?
  2. Karl S.
    Can this dough be refrigerated overnight?
  3. Ashley K.
    All the other versions of this recipe I have found have egg in it why does yours not call for egg?


  1. jenakloot
    I made these as Christmas gifts for my family of Swiss ancestry last year, as a fun reminder of where we come from! I was slightly concerned about my ability to pull off a sandwich cookie, but oh my word these came out amazing and were not nearly as difficult as I was afraid they would be. They were just beautiful. I used red current jam without seeds. I gave them as gifts inside of pretty little brown paper boxes with Swiss flag stampings on the outside of the packaging and tied with twine. I heard over and over again from my family after they had a chance to try them that these were incredibly good! Even from family who don't normally indulge too much in cookies. I don't keep a lot of cookies at home, but wish I saved more of these for us! They were even better after a day or two - slightly less crisp and the whole cookie felt well settled into itself. Gorgeous flavor.
  2. Sydney Mike
    I'm made many different kinds of cookies in my time, but I'm sure this was a new experience for me, AND a very enjoyable one, at that! I was so pleased with myself that I was tempted to keep them all here for the 2 of us, but broke down & sent 2/3 of them off with my other half to share at one of my weekly meetings! I did have a small problem with the jam, since I usually think of it as 'chunky,' but with a little processing, I managed to have a strawberry jam that worked for me! Thanks for posting this wonderful recipe ~ Your cookies are a real delight! [Made & reviewed for one of my adopted chefs in this Spring's Pick A Chef event]



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