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Recipe by Kawaiineko32

A Puerto Rican appetizer. Similar to an empanada, except this uses a dough made from cornmeal. Has a filling consisting of meat and cheese. VERY addicting. This calls for premade cornmeal mix (we use a brand called P.A.N).

Top Review by Nuyorican221

This is not a recipe for sorullo. Sorullos are corn stick fritters at most they are stuffed with cheese. Nothing close to an empanada.

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  1. Take a handful of dough (small to medium size scoop) and shape into ball. Pat dough down.
  2. into a flat ball on work surface.
  3. Add a couple strips of chicken, and a small to medium size dab of cream cheese; sprinkle with shredded cheese (or you can just use chicken and cheese). Seal; to do this, bring sides up; if necessary add more dough and pat until filling is completely covered (make sure there is no filling poking out). Continue doing this with each pastry until all of filling and dough is used.
  4. Fill saucepan or shallow saucepan with 3 inches of oil (vegetable or peanut); heat until boiling. Add sorullos (do not crowd; depending on size, use three to four per batch.) Fry until dough is crispy and golden brown. Transfer to plate that is lined with paper towels to drain excess grease.
  5. VARIATION:You could use cooked ground beef in place of the chicken strips. You could also.
  6. add VERY finely chopped bell pepper to the filling. If using beef, use 1 t each ground.
  7. paprika and chili powder (adjust seasonings to taste).

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