Slow Cooked Corned Beef in Crock Pot

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Total Time
7hrs 15mins
15 mins
7 hrs

I really like this corned beef. It is delicious. You put it on and forget about it for about 4 or 5 hrs. It is the best crock pot recipe for corned beef I have ever tried.

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  1. Trim brisket. Set into bottom of slow cooker.
  2. Spread seasoning packet over brisket.
  3. Spread potatoes evenly over brisket.
  4. Pour beer over potatoes.
  5. Cook on low for about 7 hours.
  6. After about 4-5 hours spoon broth over potatoes.
  7. About 1 hour before serving, place cabbage over potatoes.
  8. Cook till cabbage is tender.