Scrumptious Chocolate Peanut Butter Cottage Cheese

Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 0 mins

Yes- that does say "scrumptious" and "cottage cheese" together. I found this on 'The Cottage Cheese Page' and I'll admit, I was very doubtful at first. I made it and WOW! A very quick, super easy, low calorie snack!

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  1. Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl, and stir until well combined.
  2. You can even toss it in the microwave for a few seconds if you prefer it to be warm.
  3. Enjoy! (Add more peanut butter or Splenda to your liking.).


Most Helpful

I just about gagged when I tasted this. I thought it sounded very good, but it wasn't. It's probably just a personal preference because I never really cared for cottage cheese. If one were to use real sugar or maybe agave in this it might be alot better. I think the artificial sweetness makes it bad. Sorry, I wanted to like this. I'll try it again in the future and see if it turns out better.

dr_kaley August 13, 2009

This recipe intrigued me b/c I usually think of cottage cheese in the savory sense, and not dessert sense. However, this was really good and a nice change from how I normally eat this. I did heat it up for 10 seconds. Thanks !!!

Ang11002 August 08, 2009

Pretty good, I made this as the directions stated but ate it cold. Next time I will try it warm.

Kristiina February 27, 2008

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