Pad See-Ew

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Total Time
10 mins
15 mins

A favorite Thai lunch entree. Pan-fried noodles in a sweet sauce. You can increase the sugar as desired, and use half the listed amount of the soy sauces to reduce sodium. Chicken can be substituted for the prawns, but should be added sooner to cook thoroughly. Enjoy.

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  1. Heat OIL in large wok.
  2. Brown GARLIC.
  3. Break up RICE NOODLE into oil and fry.
  4. Add SOY SAUCES and SUGAR.
  5. Spread out noodles and scramble EGG in center.
  6. Add PRAWNS.
  8. Cook until broccoli is at desired tenderness.
  9. Serve immediately with chili sauce and enjoy with a cold thai iced tea.
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Not really like the Pad See Ew I've had before. I think I've tasted it with some sort of bean paste. Despite that, this is a really good recipe! We made ours with fresh rice noodles from the Chinese market, doubled the sauce and DH added a splash of fish and oyster sauce to his portion.

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good, but didn't taste like pad see-ew from a restaurant until i almost doubled the sugar. also - i couldnt find chinese broccoli but substituted baby bok choy and it was delicious.

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Pretty good recipe... though seemed a bit dry. I added green beans and green peppers as well as some thinly sliced carrots.