Outrageous Ham Steak Sauce

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 15 mins

Great sauce for ham steak's.

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  1. Cook sauce uncovered for 15 minutes,.
  2. Marinate ham steak's in sauce for 1/2 hour or longer, grill, broil, or fry ham steak basting with the sauce as needed.
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Delish! This was a good alternative to my usual pineapple/brown sugar marinade. The family really enjoyed this one!

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This is a "Outrageous" sauce as stated.I made it tonight with a combo of sweet and white potatoes that was mashed together, and broccoli.SO GOOD.

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I'm happy I didn't settle for pineapple and brown sugar.I wanted something new to try and this was it, delicious! Thanks