Orecchiette With Pesto, Broad Beans and Italian Sausage

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 15 mins

This dish is quick, nutritious and with delicious mild flavors.

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  1. First, add the broad beans to salted boiling water and cook them until tender. Drain them and remove the outer greyish skin. While the beans are draining, add the orecchiette to salted boiling water as well and cook them al dente, as per package. Take them out and drain them.
  2. Cook the onion and the sausage, stirring, until the onion changes color. Add the garlic and cook for few seconds. Mix in the pasta, the broad beans and the pesto and toss to coat everything in everything.
  3. This dish is abundant in great mild flavors so there is no need to add much else. Serve with some grated Pecorino cheese, a splash of olive oil and generous amounts of freshly ground black pepper.
Most Helpful

I enjoyed this very much, however we did find the instructions a little hard to follow (have submitted corrections, hope they help) and it did seem a little dry at the end (I did not want to add more oil due to the oil content of the pesto - Basil Pistachio Pesto (Raw Recipe) ) we are looking forward to making this again, but probably adding a little extra liquid in the form of pasta water or vegetable stock. Made for PAC Spring 2013, Thanks for a lovely dinner.

Satyne April 02, 2013

This is a delicious dish if you like the classic sausage and beans combination without the ubiquitous tomato sauce base. We had loads of broad beans from our garden to use up, but you could probably substitute butter beans or any canned beans you have. We used italian sausage from our local deli,which gave it an herby flavour rather than a spicy chorizo flavor. Yes, it comes out a little dry so save some starchy water from your pasta to add in at the end.<br/><br/>It's actually a simple recipe- sweat the onions and garlic, cook the sausage and toss in some cooked pasta and beans. A good family dish that can be bulked out to make great leftovers for midweek meals!

momo UK July 21, 2013