North African Desert Grilled Lamb Cutlets

Total Time
Prep 3 mins
Cook 45 mins

So easy, so good. The herbs added in at the end permeate the meat with flavor and the air with scent.

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  1. Prepare your outdoor grill or barbecue. Charcoal is best. Light it and have it ready to grill the meat.
  2. Salt and pepper the cutlets. Put them on the hot grill.
  3. Skin the garlic, and mince it. Mince the peppers, and mix with the garlic.
  4. When the meat is three quarters cooked, drizzle the cutlets with olive oil, spoon the minced garlic and pappers onto them, then place the sprigs of herbs on top. Use more or less of the herbs, as you like.
  5. Cover, and let it steam and cook in this aromatic blend for two minutes. Serve with salad, tomaotoes, rice or couscous.