No Fat, Low Calorie, Vegetarian Omelette

Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 3 mins

This tasty treat can be made in under 3 minutes! I eat it daily for my daily dose of protein.


  1. Cut the onion as desired. I personally prefer them cubed and place it on a microwavable small plate.
  2. Add egg whites to the plate.
  3. Add pepper and cook in microwave for 2 minutes on high with a cover.
  4. Add cheese and cook for another 5 seconds, or put salsa on top.
  5. Enjoy!
  6. Note: The egg might be stuck onto the plate if left out on the counter for too long so soak the plate after eating and it should be fine.
Most Helpful

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i personally think that this recipe would go better if cooked over the stove. That's what i did, granted it was my first time cooking an omelette, and it turned out pretty well

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This was ok, but it stuck badly to the plate, another time I would veggie spray the place. Sorry but it also was kind of rubbery, maybe my microwave is hotter or something, I will try it for just 1 1/2 minutes next time and a couple of seconds to melt the cheese. Thanks for a good idea!

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i had this as an "appetizer" for an unknown dinner so i only used 2 eggwhites but this is very good. and soooo simple and quick!