New England Soup Factory's Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 40 mins

A savory blend of three mushrooms in a unique recipe from the New England Soup Factory in Boston, known for their hearty and unusual soups. If you prefer a vegetarian soup, be sure to use a very flavorful veggie stock in place of the chicken stock.

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  1. Melt butter in large stock pot and saute garlic, onions and celery for 5-8 minutes.
  2. Slice all of the mushrooms together and set aside 1/2 cup for garnish.
  3. Add the remaining mushrooms and potatoes to pot and continue to saute for an additional 5 minutes.
  4. Add the stock; bring to a boil.
  5. Simmer on medium-high heat until the potatoes are tender, approx 20 minutes. Remove from heat and add thyme.
  6. Puree in blender, return to pot.
  7. Add sherry, light cream, salt, pepper and worcestershire sauce, warm through.
  8. Meanwhile, saute the reserved mushrooms in a little olive oil, and season them with salt and pepper.
  9. Add the mushrooms to the soup and stir well.


Most Helpful

This was different. The flavors were decent but the color and texture was somewhat off putting to me.

Vicki in CT January 26, 2011

I've notice the "needed something" comments and thought I would comment. I make a soup VERY similar to this. When I make it I add the garlic in at the end of the cooking of the onions and celery. I also add a little cilantro into the pot and at the end garnish with SMOKED paprika and fresh chives or green onion tops. The extra garlic flavor from cooking it with the other veggies enhances the soup as does the smokey paprika flavor in the end. Hope this helps those with the something needed. AF

amysfreeman October 28, 2008

This soup was pretty good, but as one other commenter had suggested I used a little bit of garlic powder which gave it more of a POP! Overall, I will make this again, but I still feel as though something was missing! I will try to fuss around with it a bit to see if I can figure it out! Thanks for the really nice recipe! Note: During the fall season most of these mushrooms are available in grocery stores. UPDATE: Tried making it again, good basic wild mushroom soup, but I still feel as though something is missing. Garlic powder and worchestire helped, but still. Something is missing. I know that this isn't your recipe in particular, but maybe if someone else is up to the challenge we can figure out what is missing!

*Sunday* January 07, 2008

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