My Interpretation of a "cuban Sandwich"

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Total Time
20 mins
15 mins

This is great. Good for a night of football!

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  • 1 lb round bread (preferably homemade, hollowed out, top reserved)
  • 2 chipotle chiles (in adobo)
  • 12 cup mayonnaise
  • 6 slices ham
  • 12 slices swiss cheese
  • 6 cornichons (drained, julienned)
  • 1 12 lbs leftover roast pork (shredded)
  • salt (to taste)
  • olive oil (as needed)


  1. Heat oven 325.
  2. Prepare bread. Set aside.
  3. Puree the chipoltes and mayonnaise. Spread inside bread.
  4. Layer in the ham, swiss, cornichon and pork. Season to taste.
  5. Replace top. Brush all over with a little oil.
  6. Place on a sprayed round baking sheet. Top with a 10-12 inch round iron skillet.
  7. Roast 15 minutes.
  8. Let stand 10 minutes.
  9. Cut in wedges to serve.