Mexican Style Hot Pickled Carrots

Total Time
0 mins
30 mins

These are the hot carrots like you get in Mexican restaurants. They are positively addictive. I usually make a batch and share with a friend or neighbor. This recipe comes from a restaurant in San Diego called Alta Vista. It was owned and run by a woman named Mary Sargent. Her loyal customers were saddened when she closed her doors and retired, but at least we are able to make these delicious carrots.

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  1. Put carrots in a large 3 or 4-quart pot. Add warm water and bring to a boil over high heat.
  2. Boil for 5 minutes and then remove from heat.
  3. To pot, add the peppers, onions, oregano, garlic, vinegar, bay leaves and salt.
  4. Let cool for 2-3 hours. Put in jars and place in refrigerator. These will keep for a week after opening jar.
  5. Can also be kept in airtight containers in refrigerator.
  6. Makes 8-9 cups.