Marinated Strawberries

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Recipe by gailanng

Great way to end a romantic dinner or, maybe, made special for Mother's Day. The longer it sits, the more flavor the vodka will extract from the berries. Adapted from "A Girl and Her Pig: Recipes and Stories," by April Bloomfield with J.J. Goode. Chill time required.

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  1. Combine strawberries, vodka, lemon zest, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper in large bowl. Use a small knife to scrape seeds of the vanilla bean into the bowl, and add 1 tablespoon sugar. Stir gently but thoroughly. Give a taste. You might need more sugar if your strawberries aren't that sweet. If you do, add it gradually, tasting as you do.
  2. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate. Let chill (give an occasional stir) at least 30 minutes and up to 1 hour.

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