Light Salad Dressing (Fit Back Into Your Skinny Jeans)

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

I'm always in search of a good tasting, low calorie dressing because I love salads. I don't like the fatty salad dressings. This is the best low calorie dressing that I know. Its tastes really good.


  1. Mix all ingredients and enjoy.
Most Helpful

Tasty and light- what more could you ask for? Easy too! I didn't have the all-purpose seasoning so I used a bit of seasoned salt (no msg in mine) instead and thought it was great. Made DH and I each a big bowl of spinach, sauteed up some mushrooms and tossed the dressing in with the mushrooms for the last few minutes to warm it. Spooned the mushroom/dressing mix over the spinach and let it wilt just a bit before serving. Very tasty and guilt free!

MrsKnox2016 May 12, 2010

Made this for my salad today - it was very nice! I left the salt out and was glad I did because even with reduced sodium soy sauce, it was plenty salty for me. I might try adding some red pepper flakes sometime. Thanks for posting!

saracho January 11, 2012

So GOOD! Thank you for posting! Will definitely be making again!

Jen Jen 18 February 18, 2010