Laotian Chicken & Rice Soup

Total Time
15 mins
15 mins

My hubby used to eat this soup when he was there and it was a hit. Now I sometimes substitute or add fresh mushrooms. Either is great. Photos are of the soup with the chicken and mushrooms and then the second photo is the same soup with rice. Young children may find this too spicy. For those that cannot have milk, this fits the menu. I have used minced white onion and dried cilantro in place of spring onions.

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  1. In large pot, add oil, garlic spring onions, fennel seeds, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and peanuts. Saute until a little brown and toasted.
  2. Add coconut milk and rice. Cover. cook 15 minutes on low.
  3. Note: You may add mushrooms instead of rice.
  4. in this step.
  5. Stir a few times during cooking.
  6. Add cooked chicken.