Homemade Sangria

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Total Time
10 mins
0 mins

If you like Sangria, you will love this version. I started making this in 1968 and have slowly modified it over the years. I am happy with the final version. If you can't find the 6 ounce containers of juices, just double the recipe

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  1. In a large pitcher combine limeade, lemonade, and cranberry juice concentrates.
  2. If you double the recipe you can use a punch bowl or 2 large pitchers.
  3. Add the wine and water.
  4. Stir well until combined At this point if you are not serving, do not add ice cubes or fruit, refrigerate.
  5. Just before serving add fruit and ice cubes.
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The best I have ever had! The only change I made was replacing the water with sprite!

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This was sooo good. I made it for a party and everyone wanted the recipe. I could not find frozen cranberry juice so I used white grape raspberry and I used Sprite rather than water.

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It was very good. It was a hit at a recent BBQ!