Homemade Butter for the Kitchen Aid

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

There are two recipes here at Zaar for a Kitchen Aid, but they use a knife attachment. I don't have one of those. BUT, I came across this recipe using the paddle attachment, which comes with every stand mixer. YEAAAAA!!! I can make homemade butter at home because it is sooo delicious. The first time we ever made butter at home, my mom put it on homemade sourdough bread. Oh, that was so good! I can't wait to make more butter now that it can be done so easily. The method is from the Kentucky Living Recipe Swap.


  1. Using the paddle attachment, whip cream on high several minutes or until you hear the sound of the motor change.
  2. The solids will have collected together and color will be pale yellow.


Most Helpful

This is awesome! My daughter and I are reading the Little House books and we just got through the chapter that describes Ma making her own butter. My daughter wanted to try it and this recipe was the perfect thing. After 5 minutes you get a soft, creamy spread. If you let it go for 10-15 minutes on high, it separates and you get thick, creamy rich real butter. The bowl will have gobs of butter floating in buttermilk. I poured off the butter milk, squeezed out more buttermilk from the butter itself by hand and then rinsed the butter under cold water until it ran clear. It tastes so good!

CoffeeMom March 14, 2008

You can also use your food processor with the metal blade"

sabrina_salas May 18, 2011

I used the whisk attachment and it worked fine. I covered my mixer with a towel so cream (or later in the process, buttermilk)didn't splash everywhere.

CookingwithPooks March 01, 2010

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