Holiday Macadamia Nut Brittle

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 30 mins

This is my Christmas Brittle. The Macadamia Nuts give this a nice buttery taste. During the holidays is the only time I grab the macadamia nuts! Why, I think they are little expensive for everyday baking, but during the holidays, I want to do something a little more special.

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  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. (180 C).
  2. Spread the nuts on a baking tray and toast them in the oven until light golden, 4-6 minutes, turning the nuts after 3 minutes so they toast evenly. Remove them from the oven and the hot pan to let them cool to room temperature. coarsely chop the nuts and set aside.
  3. Put the sugar in a medium saucepan. Add the corn syrup and water turn stove to medium heat, stir to mix, bring to a boil. Continue boiling, undisturbed, until a layer of bubbles forms on top, 3 to 4 minutes. Cover the pan with aluminum foil and continue to boil undisturbed for 5 minutes longer. I place a wooden spoon on top of the foil to keep down.
  4. Remove the foil, add the butter, gently stir with a wooden spoon a few times. When the butter has melted and is combined with the sugar mixture -- and forms a soft boil add your candy thermometer continue cooking over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until a candy thermometer inserted into the mixture registers 300 degrees (150 C), about 8-10 minutes (depending on your cookware). Meanwhile, coat a 12-by-17-inch (30-by-43-cm) sheet pan with vegetable oil or spray it with nonstick cooking spray.
  5. As soon as the sugar mixture reaches the desired temperature, immediately but carefully stir in the combined salt and baking soda and chopped macadamia nuts. Using a long metal spatula, spread the nut mixture as thinly and evenly as possible over the prepared pan. Leave the brittle to cool to room temperature. The brittle will harden very quickly.
  6. When the brittle is completely cooled and hardened, run a clean, dry towel over the brittle's surface to absorb some of the oil. Carefully cut or tap the brittle with a mallet to break it into irregular pieces. Store in one or more airtight containers at cool room temperature.
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I've never made brittle before, so I was a little scared, but it turned out amazing! I had to change the recipe a little: my macadamias were already roasted, so I skipped the first step. I didn't have unsalted butter, so I used a little less than 1/2 a teaspoon of salt. Be patient with waiting for the temperature to get to 300 - carefully watch your thermometer. It was at 250 for what seemed like forever and all of a sudden it bounced to past 300 in a matter of seconds when my back was turned! Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe :)

kellyfever July 20, 2013

Never made candy before so had to purchase a candy thermometer to make this recipe.<br/>I tell you this so you know I am a pure candy-making-amature.<br/>I also purchased pre-packaged non-salted dry-roasted chopped mac nuts - which cuts out step1. <br/><br/>The recipe was easy. The candy stayed nice and golden in color.<br/>I like salty and sweet so I added a little more salt than the recipe listed.<br/>As soon as I added the mac nuts, salt, and baking soda - it started to tighten up immediately.<br/><br/>Be fast at the spreading - and you're gonna make a lot of friends with this recipe.

coupons4mish March 18, 2013

This is my first attempt since HS Chemistry class to make brittle. It turned out wonderfully! The instructions were clear and the taste is great. A couple lessons learned, I had to cook the mix for about 15 minutes to reach 300 and I was getting pretty nervous but kept it boiling until it reached that mark. It turned light brown to a dark golden brown. I was worried about it getting too dark, but it didn't. Once the nuts etc are added it starts to harden - I was surprised at how quickly I needed to work to get it on to the baking sheet. It would almost seem helpful to have someone pour it out so the other can immediately start to spread it. It came out super thick and I had to really work to spread, and no a wooden spoon does not work! Thanks so much for posting this recipe. It's one I would make again.

zaar junkie December 20, 2010

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